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Poor wee Rahne.

Rahne Sinclair spent her early childhood in the hands of Reverend Craig, a religious fundamentalist who told her over and over again that she was doomed to Hell for having been born illegitimately and 'murdering' her mother in childbirth. When Rahne's mutant power kicked in and turned her into a werewolf, it seemed proof that his accusations were correct - she was the spawn of Satan.

Rahne was nearly lynched by Craig's mob of torch-weilding townsfolk before being rescued by Moira McTaggert and shipped off to Xavier's school. She spent the early issues of the New Mutants in massive culture shock. Everything had changed - everyone around her was celebrating things that she had been told were sinful and horrible. She wanted to accept her new life, but her instincts screamed that she was bad and deserved to be punished. Because of this, Rahne often seemed shy and withdrawn.

In her wolf form she could escape her restrictive upbringing. If not for her friends she might have fled into it entirely, becoming a feral mutant as Logan had once been. As things were she remained human and contended herself with jumping on her teammates and licking their faces.

But a bad childhood wasn't the only trouble Rahne faced. Smallest and youngest of the New Mutants, she was also the most prone to being struck on the head and knocked out by goons. She needed someone to protect her.

Having been told her whole life how worthless she was, Rahne was unable to believe that she could be smart or pretty. She needed someone to stand up for her.