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"I am large. I contain multitudes." --Walt Whitman

Dani could have easily become another token indian. Her name, Moonstar, was uncomfortably close to that of the Proudstar brothers. She was introduced in the role of the vengeful native warrior, in touch with nature, distrustful of the 'white man' - the usual cliches. But in the end, her story was about division and reconciliation. She began with several facets of her identity that had to be reconciled, and actually gained more as the story went on. She was a native american, but lived a middle-class western american lifestyle. She was a mutant, she was a human. She was a rebel who found herself in a position of authority as co-leader of the team. She became a valkyrie, and faced the prospect of having to reconcile the asgardian and mortal identities, as well as the contrast between native american and norse european mythology.

In the Demon Bear story it was hinted that the Adversary was out to get her, the mythological trickster who combined people into magical beasts and split worlds in order to tempt Forge & Storm. This theme of division and dichotomy runs throughout her tale, and even her power - the ability to call up the two extremes of fear and desire - is dualistic.

Some native american cultures use the term 'two-spirit' to describe homo- and bisexuals. Dani is almost certainly bisexual as well. Her feelings for Rahne are obvious, but so is her attraction to boys - see the Naughty Dani section for more details.