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We've established that they're very close, and indeed consider themselves 'soul-mates'. Now we just need to dispel the notion that 'that probably means they were just really good friends.'

More easily said than done, however, due to the 1980s editorial homophobia and the Comics Code. At the time any mention of homosexuality was confined to hints and subtext. Collected here are a selection of those panels which carry hints, whether subtle or strong, that Rahne and Dani had romantic feelings for one another.

The girls became close quickly after being introduced, both due to their personalities and Dani's power to communicate with animals. As the pictures above show, each is partly responsible for the presence of the other on the team.

Rahne likes Dani's scent.

First Aid The New Mutants and Muir Islanders find two of their own injured and unconscious. Charles attends to his old flame Moira, while Dani rushes to Rahne's side. Both go to the one they love. But the girls are best friends anyway, so this in itself doesn't prove anything.

Death Sabertooth brutally murders Rahne. This is, of course, a training exercise in the danger room, so why does Dani look so horrified? All of the other New Mutants have been massacred. Does the veyr idea of Rahne's death appall her? But still, this only proves they're important to one another.

A Lovely Girl "You're lovely."
"Do you really think so?"

But maybe that isn't what they're saying.

Moonstar Ranch Danielle plans to take Rahne home with her and teach her to ride. Again, something friends would do.

'Me', not 'us'. Could have been a slip of the tongue.

Love Hearts This is a bit less ambiguous. They embrace. Dani is holding Rahne's backside. Warlock is thinking little love-hearts over them. He's obviously worked it out, but have the readers?

Each is at the school because of the other.










Dani, whose ability to survive repeated blunt trauma to the head is still unproven, shields the more durable Rahne anyway.


















After Mirage is felled by the Demon Bear, who wears her belt into battle?









This goodnight kiss is marred only by the open graves of the bizarre post-Beyonder dreamscape in the background.

My Darling Rahne This one needs a little more explanation. New York has been transformed into a Howardian fantasy setting by the sorceror Kulan Gath. Dani and Rahne are both evil soldiers in the wizard's service. There's little ambiguity here - Rahne is 'darling' and even Kulan Gath refers to Rahne as 'thy werewolf'.

But it's a well-known fact that being evil often makes you gay. How do we know this isn't just a product of Gath's evil spell? Well, it was explicitly stated in the story that while people would take on different roles and memories as a result of the enchantment, the relationships between them would remain the same. If ensorcelled Dani and Rahne love one another, so do the originals.

Future Dani says Goodbye to Rahne "Take care, Rahne. My other self. My heart."
Go on, say 'maybe that means they were just good friends' without snickering. I dare you.

Rahne tries to talk to Future Dani.

I Love You Why would Rahne cut her off like that? She must know how Dani feels, as they link minds so often. Perhaps Rahne, brooding atop a Muir island cliff, isn't ready for those feelings to be put into words?